Eth Games Is an on-chain casino based on Polygon and ThunderCore blockchains. To be able to play you don't need to deposit BNB, ETH or any other type of funds as regular casinos require, you bet directly from you wallet in secure way, you always in control of your funds, and don't need to trust to 3rd parties, and credit the casino. Since we don't need deposits, the reward is getting directly transferred to your wallet within the same transaction of dices roll.


Random number generators (RNGs) are a crucial element of online casino games, as they provide the complete randomness necessary for the outcome of these chance-based digital games. Our smart contracts generate random numbers based on block hashes and real time, we don't have seeds or any type of control that would influence the outcome and limit the entropy of randomness, which make our games 100% fair and transparent.


To be able to play On-chain betting games you need web3 compatible wallet, installed on your desktop or mobile. Our on-chain betting games use MetaMask, Trust wallet, Rainbow, Walletconnect or any other web3 compatible wallet to comunicate with blockchain. Thanks to walletconnect technology you are always in control of your funds when interacting on the new decentralized web.


PokerDice rules

Simply roll dices and get reward base on dices outcome. There are 9 different types of outcomes that you can profit from, with up to x50 times your initial bet. Two pairs, Three of a kind, Full house, Four of a kind, Low straight, High straight, Five of a kind, Flush, Royal flush 51% of rolls have rewards, meaning that most of the time you will get more than your bet.

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TwoDices rules

First select sum of the outcome of the dices, and roll the dices. You can select more than one sum. If you successfully guess the sum, you can get up to x24 times your single bet.

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